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13 October 2020 - 14 October 2020
Dublin, Ireland
H2020 Virtual Brokerage Event on the European Green Deal Call

Terms of participation – European Green Deal Brokerage Event

  • By registering for the Green Deal Brokerage Event you accept the following terms, conditions and privacy statement.
  • Participants must identify the Green Deal topics there are interested in , within their profile to help collaboration and B2B Meetings. See Green Deal listing
  • Your profile will only be published once you fulfil all the registration steps/requirements.
  • All Participants should publish at least one marketplace (collaboration profile): product, service, project cooperation, request or investment opportunity related to topics of the Green Deal
  • Only 1 participant per organisation/project is allowed. Exceptionally, we will allow more than one participant per company if their marketplaces and partnering objectives are clearly different.
  • Cancellations will only be managed through the platform. In this way, the other participant and the organizers will be automatically notified, and the schedule will be always updated.
  • The organizers reserve the right to give your personal contact details to the participants with whom you have booked a meeting.
  • This activity is funded by the European Commission and the feedback of your participation is required under this activity. Therefore, you are asked to notify any collaboration agreements that you reach with other Brokerage Event participants to the organizer and/or co-organizer. This information will be treated confidentially.
  • Participants must inform the organizers about the meetings with other Brokerage Event participants even if they are held outside the Brokerage space.
  • The organizers might further promote your cooperation profile/s through the EEN network market place.


Closed since 2 October 2020


Virtual Event

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Participants 2112
Meetings 3575


Argentina 33
Armenia 1
Austria 64
Belgium 72
Bulgaria 23
Canada 2
Chile 9
Colombia 1
Croatia 1
Cyprus 10
Czech Republic 14
Denmark 29
Estonia 14
Finland 12
France 180
Germany 185
Greece 15
Hungary 23
Indonesia 1
Ireland 380
Israel 26
Italy 124
Latvia 13
Lithuania 3
Luxembourg 5
North Macedonia 6
Malta 19
Moldova, Republic Of 2
Netherlands 33
Nigeria 1
Norway 6
Poland 60
Portugal 60
Romania 74
Serbia 5
Slovakia 16
Slovenia 46
South Africa 6
Spain 436
Sweden 15
Switzerland 11
Turkey 254
Ukraine 7
United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom 190
Viet Nam 1
Total 2489


Start-up 128
Company (SME) 527
Company (Industry) 236
University 684
R&D Institution 431
Association/Agency 158
Authority/Government 170
Other 156
Total 2490