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13 October 2020 - 14 October 2020
Dublin, Ireland
H2020 Virtual Brokerage Event on the European Green Deal Call

It is important to have have a clear and concise profile that indicates up to three Green Deal areas of interest. All profiles will be reviewed by Co Organisers in each of the territories.

Failure to complete your profile will result in your registration been deactivated come Friday 18th September.

Mandatory requirements for your Profiles

  • Profiles must have a clear and concise organisation description.
  • The profile should point out your core competencies/core tasks. It should describe the type of cooperation you are looking for. 
  • Creating a strong profile which will raise your visibility in the platform.
  • Your profile should describe who you are, what you need in terms Green Deal themes, which Green Deal themes you are looking at (please list up to three on your profile - See Green Deal listing), what you can offer to potential partners and who you want to meet?  
  • Pictures and logo really make profile way more appealing to other participants.
  • A good profile will significantly generate more efficient meetings.

Profile Quality

  • Profile Quality is very important, if you want to meet to the right partners. The better your profile, the more meeting requests you will receive.
  • All participants will be able to view your profile
  • A meaningful profile will generate way more expression of interests for bilateral talks.

 Marketplace Opportunity

  • Publish your organisational focus and your collaboration wishes via the Marketplace Opportunities-Project Cooperation Types- under the headings Title, Description, Project Stage, Topic and Type of Cooperation sought.
  • The Marketplace opportunities and project Cooperation types enables you to list your offer and request items and also to search for suitable partners by using these items. Your profile will not be validated if you have not listed your collaboration wishes via the Marketplace.
  • All Participants should publish at least one marketplace (collaboration profile): product, service, project cooperation, request or investment opportunity related to topics of the Green Deal
  • For Coordinator/Consortium looking for partners
    Briefly describe the project idea and expertise currently covered by the consortium
    Be precise when describing the missing partners, you are willing to meet: the type of partners (universities or NGO, local authorities or industries etc.), the requested expertise
  • Partner looking for consortium : Do not just describe your general expertise but relate it to the specific calls for proposals you are interested in: what could you bring to a project, what would be your added value and activities you could take over for this specific call?

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